Goal setting

I’m still loving it at the gym, and I’m still loving the rowing. But I need goals in everything and this is no exception. Developing a muscle could not only take time, it could possibly be missed – so I’m told 🙂 – so rowing it is. I grabbed all my programme charts today while I was there and did some totting up. From when I started both going over 1000m and also recording that, I have completed 102,000m. That’s 102km ! Woooooh. So today, in doing another 5km, I passed my first goal of 100,000m. The next goal is 250,000. Sounds a lot but given I go gym at least 4 times a week, and each time do a minimum of 5,000 then at 20,000 / week another 150km shouldn’t take more than 2 months should it ? The longer term goal I’ve agreed and set myself is for a million – but that IS a long term goal …. I’ll set and get one by one. As a small celebration of my getting to 100km, I’ve bought a pot of Apple pie ice-cream – the stuff that has zillions of calories per mouthful 🙂 (I’ll be typing one handed as I eat it in #irc later!)

One thought on “Goal setting

  1. I’ve been using the rower in the gym and I have to say it’s one of the less boring exercises. Treadmills seem to leave me feeling bored. 2 miles and I’m looking for excuses to step off. (Thirsty, shorts aren’t comfortable, need to ask them to turn the subtitles on the TV, etc etc. ) 😉

    I like being able to set the rower for a target distance and time and then doing slightly better. 😀

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