Mine’s dying … bought Midnight Club: Dub Edition today and so f-f-f-f-f-ar it seems a good game. Didn’t get as long playing it as I wanted partly because I’d misplaced the cables, partly because I was a plug short near the TV and partly because I’d forgotten to bring in the washing which I’d put through the machine earlier … domesticity eh ? Anywaaaaay… the sound is jumpy and the gfx seem to ‘catch up’ with themselves in the menus sometimes so the time to consider buying a replacement has arrived. As has sorting through a dozen memory cards – I have Final Fantasy saves all over the place !

Just 5000m on the rower today but I’ve had a word with one of the trainers and I’m hopefully going to set a couple of long-term goals for that machine tomorrow. Need to do some online reading first, but it should be good.

And go see this:Flying Dog. I reckon you’ll either laugh like a drain or just say “Huh..”.

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