Trying to say Hello

The grass still needs at least 2 cuts to get it down and there is a mass of strimming that also needs doing. It’s not raining, I’ve done the housework so I grab the gear and get to work. I’m vaguely aware while mowing that other garden activity is going on in the street but I’m just getting on with the job at hand. I start the strimming and get to the front area – I need to stand on the street here and edge the lawn that way. As I do this I notice a neighbour 2 doors up begin to walk toward me – I know he’s headed to talk to me from how he approaches but I’m bent over whacking weeds. He then gets to about 10 feet away. I stop, stand up and extend my hand to greet him – he does too and we shake hands. He then starts moving backwards. He did not pause from the forward motion. He did not even start speaking before he ceased the forward momentum. He literally went straight into reverse gear. On his way back to his home he mentioned his name – but he didn’t stop to hear mine .. I’m scary !

16 thoughts on “Trying to say Hello

  1. Awesome. Neighbours can be so much fun 😉

    I usually encounter such situations in the bus…
    *old woman stumbles in*
    Me: “Um, yer can ‘ave the seat next’er me.”
    *old woman looks at me scaredly, stands next to a free chair all the way to the next station*
    And that’s weird. The only thing about me might be my hairdo. I had an afro until yesterday.

  2. It’s better they be scared of you than the other way around! 😀

    I’m lucky, both of my neighbours are lovely. I think this is the first house we’ve lived in where I can say that.

    Previously they’ve been noisy, anti-social, downright rude and generally not people you’d want to associate with. And in our previous house our neighbours liked to argue at 3am in the morning, in the process waking their kids up and making even more noise.

    Ah the joy of neighbours…

  3. Last week I was in the metropolis of Prince George, BC (population 80000) and two women walking towards me choose to cross the street mid-block to avoid me. About an hour later, I ran into them in the building where I was attending a course, and they both were embarassed to find that they hadn’t recognized me. I have known these two via work for over ten years, and yet they were intimidated by me. I don’t have any piercings, no visible tattoos, nor was I wearing my biker-wannabe-leathers (jeans and a black t-shirt was my garb) and yet they both said “you looked like a biker.”

    Who knows what it is that “scares” people. I have never thought of myself as being intimidating in any way, but I guess I am.

  4. I don’t look anywhere near as interesting as Mark, and yet people still go out of their way to avoid being in proximity to me.

    It’s almost as if they can detect something wrong with me via some sort of E.S.P. I dunno.

    What can you do though… people either like you or they don’t. I don’t care what you look like. I am just very thankful that you continue to be one of the best people in the WP community, and your freely given help to me in the past and just recently in getting my blog up and running again speaks volumes about who you are.

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