Feeding the InfoVac

Knowledge is power, right ? And in the electronic world that is the Internet, more knowledge, more information, more data = more power. The power of course comes from the ability to exercise selective control over the data mountain that you have.
Take the words “WordPress help”. Go search on MSN and I’m #1. Now look on Yahoo – I’m #3. Now try Google. (like you need a link there ?) and as I have said before and despite my asking that my URL be listed, I do not exist anywhere. Sure, you can see the correct URL in the results scraped from other sites, but you get no click-able link. Ground I have covered before is this …

If you bought a property and on the first Friday evening, a guy knocked at the door and told you that if you gave him money he would “look after” your property but if you did not then you would “disappear”, would you pay ? What if you said No and he – and all the neighbours – told you that around there it was accepted custom and practice, would you then ? But isn’t this what Google goes ? Unless you play by their rules – rules which you never really get to see and are subject to change on a whim – then they can delist you. They can remove you from the internet, and with the farce that is GWA, they can remove you from their version of the net. As I read somewhere, Google is doing what it is NOT necessarily because it is legal, but that at the time no-one objected to it’s wandering in and copying (stealing) and caching (storing) yours and my work. There is the Picasa software, the desktop search, GWA, GMail – all applications designed to efficiently gather as much information on you as possible for them to then sell to whoever bids the highest.
Maybe this price is acceptable though ? Maybe having all your images indexed and being able to search your HD for that picture on the beach last year is a small price to pay for Google being able to gaze into your soul ? But it can’t be can it ?

Google news – Beta. GMail – Beta. GWA – buggy-as-hell-pre-alpha. Orkut – utter garbage. I have not used the others so I know not what versions. People are trusting their data to BETA apps – would you do that with a Microsoft product ? I think not – because someone has told you often enough that Microsoft stuff is buggy / bloated etc – so why are Google so damn hot then ?

But getting back to the InfoVac … there are many apps now that vacuum information out of us. All the Google stuff, tada lists, Flickr, del.icio.us to name 4. But do WE create the demand for such apps or are they presented to us in such a way that we instantly realise that this shiny new app will fill a gaping void in our lives and we then adopt it wholeheartedly ? I say it’s the latter – but do we really think that this app creation is totally altruistic or that the goal of data gathering is at it’s core (because that is where the money is). Maybe initially it is lead by a drive to produce clean effective code but the money talks – and it talks because information is power.
But at what point does a field on information become saturated ? At what point do Google realise that their rate of info gathering from GMail is slowing, that desktop search is not bringing in the cash – to where to they then turn to strip information out of us ? And in order to do that with darkness at their core, how do they dress it up to appear as a benevolent giant ? And do we then fall for that trick again ?.

Just because we live in this fast changing world does not make it right if bad things are going on does it ?

Update: Just found this article: The Good God Google

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15 thoughts on “Feeding the InfoVac

  1. I have long believed that both Microsoft and now Google are formally tied up with the US Government and the CIA. There were two jackasses recently in a UK public library searching for common terrorist key words like *How to make your own bomb*. They were arrested by the Special Branch in minutes . How did they know ?

  2. Jennifer,

    I would agree with you, except that since a)you claim that “women are evil” and b)you are a woman, c)you are setting up a trap to lure unsuspecting males and (insert horrible acts of violence here) them, I won’t agree with you. 😛

    Instead, I’ll vehemently declare “no they aren’t!”

  3. Root,

    With the adoption of the Homeland Security bureaucracy, and all of the BS anti-terrorist measures adopted in the US (a.k.a. “Land of the Free – lmao) it behooves ALL companies and organizations to bow before the Feds and provide any and all information requested. Oh, and if you are a company which has had a request made by US officials, you aren’t allowed to tell anyone. Ergo, all statements of privacy made by any US-based organization is effectively moot. If you live or deal with the US, there is no privacy. Period. You are being watched. If you don’t like it, well too bad, because it’s for your own good so that those evil terrorist can be stopped.

    Interesting how the US is becoming more and more like the old USSR, huh? Soon you will need a government-approved ID card just to get on a bus or plane WITHIN the US. All of your movements will be tracked and recorded. Every aspect of your life will be open to government scrutiny. It sounds as though even we Canadians, who have enjoyed(?) the benefit of traveling to the US needing only photo ID, will be required to obtain a passport to enter the US. Yeah, that will stop the terrorists. None of them will ever buy a counterfeit passport and use it.

  4. I think many people know what they are doing but choose to do it anyway, because it’s the easiest way they know how. No offence to Americans, but they’re hardly the land of the healthy – fitness freaks of nature perhaps, not naturally healthy people. It’s a habit, it’s a natural attitude. Did super size me change the perception of food in America? Less than 1% I expect changed any thing, or eventually reverted back to fastcrap burgers.

    Everyone knows MS rules the roost with it’s software, the control it has over licenses and how companies often feel ripped off but feel obligated to use bloated chunk in order to compete with their competitors because they don’t know any better and they find it easier. Educating people might help them understand the security issues with regards to their cookies and such, but 99% won’t bother changing. It’s just too comfortable. They know it’s wrong, but like smoking, they’ll do it anyway.

  5. Orgasm Minna? I bet they did do their research. On Google – I have read that article. I have to say that if they do f*** Microsoft as Alastair Campbell would say then I am all in favour of it. But these guys are very sinister. Why did those folk pay sooooooooo much money to a couple of hackers? They bought the whole enchilada thats why. And I am with Craig on the US. Out of courtesy to my blogging friends I go easy but really – what a place. It is an Orwellian Police State.

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