Rowing in the garden

Another 10km rowed this afternoon (46minutes), followed by 12 of the exercise sets focusing on shoulders / biceps. (Tomorrow triceps and legs). Weird this rowing … it’s not the physical effort that is the hardest thing to keep going, it’s the concentration level.
If I lose concentration then the breathing goes, the strokes go wrong, it gets harder but then if I concentrate on technique and breathing I can’t reach that “zone” where mentally I relax and chill – and that is where I want to be. I’m sure that music is playing a larger part in this so I’ll be experimenting there – I already know that fast trance is not a great companion and tracks with words can send me off in directions my head does not want to go. The other day I was rowing and “Dreamer” by Ozzy came on – nothing in the track itself but that made me recall a holiday in Tunisia which made me recall events around that time which made me …. you get the idea. Odd stuff music.

The last tenants of this house were – like me – not fans of gardens. Unfortunately, we do have to look after the damn thing and there exists 3 choices: J does it (not good as it’ll make her ill), her brother decides he will do it (no way at all thankyouverymuch) or I do. Crapsticks… I started on the front today. We live in a cul-de-sac near the corner out of it so we get passed a lot. I have been the subject of much eye-balling already (can’t think why ! 😉 ) but today I hopefully began to demonstrate that we do indeed conform to the social norms of maintaining a decent front lawn and flowers (and hedge). ‘Decent’ is as good as they get though – the house opposite to us has a perfect garden. Perfect. I am in no way going to even start aiming at such a level of anality. Grass ? Useless. I do find all things garden related one huge chore. It’s not fun / relaxing / diverting / something to be proud of / anything about nature / blah blah – it’s BORING. Tedious. Maybe I should do a raindance …..

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