Site Fiddling completed

I’ve finally removed the last of the files that I had been using here for other people, and now over at my sandbox domain I have WP installed, along with Textpattern and MovableType. I have not the slightest intention of using those latter two – or any other programs I install, but it doesn’t hurt to play does it ? It also means that all blog stuff I do for others does not happen here. The new domain is also password protected at every level too.
The header has reverted. Googlebot is still banned, I have banned GWA as far as I can based upon information found and changed how I block various agents / people too. Google is a very very bad thing.

37 thoughts on “Site Fiddling completed

  1. Mark: Even thought its on their server, Its still your image, and your copyright. It’s not really stealing, if it were stealing they’d call it their own image that they created. However, I get what you mean. Personally, I didn’t think of this. I like how google gets the text of a web page, for searches. I think I’ll beef up my robots.txt file to include that googlebot is not allowed to get into some directories.

  2. heh. Personally, I don’t get the big draw of a gmail account. Its a free service. Why would you own a domain and hosting but use a free service for email? Makes no sense. Other than the fact Gmail’s GUI is awesome, I persoally wouldn’t switch. Every email you send is advertising for your domain, but it isnt if you use gmail. I have a gmail account, I got one just to see what it was all about. I don’t use it though.

    Oh, btw, I don’t think your subscriptions work. I havent gotten emails saying that this has been updated.

  3. Ick … crapsticks about the subs – though it’s probably my mistake.

    I agree about Gmail – I’ve already started to move a few bits and change some registration information to bring it all back into my domain.

  4. No I dont mean switched. I mean upgraded. On the security a passer by reinstalled WP for me. Do not ask me how the install php file got there for him. Oh he trashed my db. As for the leadership – Matt has done a fantastic job. But on all matters to do with the WP interface / default he has some kind of blind spot. I cant explain it in rational terms. I cant tell you what a joy it is to have a seperation layer between the mark up and the data. There are no cop outs and no excuses with TXP. Your code is your own.

  5. WP is easier? I beg to differ and I won’t be arguing the point. If you prefer yet another app with security problems you stick to WP. I have no problem with that. And Root’s problem? I think not. I wonder why there’s a WP 1.5.1 upgrade.

    But back to serious matters Mark, I’ve just had my site removed from that Web Archive site. Sent them a nice email Saturday morning pointing out that they hadn’t asked my permission and that there were certain logos and stuff that I had a right to use but they didn’t etc. and it was removed yesterday. They’ve even put a nice little place-holder up to say I’m not listed there and should you want to see my site “live” they have a link. I thought that was rather efficient.

    As for Google they are just flavour of the month with kids who don’t know any better. It’s a fad. As you say if it were Microsoft pushing crap Beta software at you…. Of course Microsoft have been around a bit too long for them to attract the little spotties.

    The minute Google went public was the minute everybody should have run away from them. In the City “money talks” and Google want as much as they can get.

  6. Also, Stuart, do you use Firefox? Well, it’s 1.0.3, and some very major security issues have been reported. So, I guess you won’t use that, so what are you gonna use? You gonna “upgrade” to opera or even IE? I doubt that, because they are both worse. Anyway, As for the “WP is easier?” comment, Yes it is. When I installed TXP i had to Edit a file. Didn’t have to do that with WP. It was all web-based.

  7. I am not even going to begin to enter the TXP WP arena. One is a horse. One is a camel. Take your pick. But I will never be looking back; never mind going back. With all its self generated hype a lot of clients insist on it so I keep my hand in. But for my own use? Not any more. And OT Cameron 007 could we persuade you to upgrade your cross hairs thingy 🙂

  8. No problem. I wasn’t looking for an argument though after having done a bit more reading on the FF problem it would seem I don’t really need to worry about it as I only download updates for FF and it’s extensions from trustworthy sites. Still, better safe than sorry eh?

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