Now’s the chance !

President Bush has branded the former Soviet domination of eastern Europe one of “the greatest wrongs of history”. That’s odd. Many people would have said the Florida voting scandal / betrayal / fraud / crime is wrong. Possibly native Americans would have a shout at this too given they have been thrown out of their land to make way for the intruders. Some people might even say that going to war against Iraq based on a lie was also a fairly huge wrong.

C’mon – someone assassinate the twat. You’ll be thanked for it 🙂

14 thoughts on “Now’s the chance !

  1. Better hope the Secret Service doesn’t get hold of your comments.

    Personally, I could give a rat’s behind about the Secret Service.
    Spammers and Google are the ones to look out for in comments these days. Notice the add for l-o-a-n-s just above? 😉

  2. Mark,
    The Florida debacle was concluded in a court of law. Why would that be a crime? Just because the State of Florida is governed by the President’s brother and just because the judge was a Republican doesn’t mean that…uh…hmmm.

    Never mind.

    Removing the President by any means other than an election would simply underscore the right-wing agenda and galvanize the US even more. It would play right into their hands, mate. Sadly, it seems obvious that the ‘mericans will have to live through yet another century as one of the most despised nations on this orb. I count many ‘mericans as my friends, so I feel badly for them. They are quite reasonable people. Too bad that half of the population are dumber than a sack of hammers.

  3. F-L: That’s crept through before… I shall watch for it again !

    Craig: Yea.. it would set up a confrontation but then with GWB at the helm it is not an ‘if’ situation that he does it anyway is it ? It’s a “WHEN ?”

  4. Clyde: “us” meaning anyone who disagrees with him, not just those who might have murderous intent, or, um, fantasies.

    craig: “Removing the President by any means other than an election… would play right into their hands, mate.”
    and since it doesn’t look like they’re going to let us do it via election, that doesn’t leave us with much besides this here handbasket.

    There’s a quote, can’t remember whose or how it ends, something like “If you think the wealthy/powerful are going to let you vote away their wealth/power…”

    more and more.

  5. Pig,
    Disagree with him all you want – I do! Its just that the Secret Service really does take a dim view of

    just those who might have murderous intent, or, um, fantasies

    whether real or imagined.

  6. Mark, as much as you may hate the POTUS with every fiber of your being, would you have asked for the assassination of Lenin, Stalin, or Mao? Combined, Communism has killed more people—60 million in fact—throughout its history than what this president your hate so much has. The Soviet domination of Eastern Europe crushed Poland with its weight, destroyed its environment due to massive industrialization without regard to the environment. Communist China, North Korea, Cuba, I could go on and on and on.

    Whether Soviet domination of Eastern Europe is one of the “greatest wrongs of history” is debatablem but just because you hate the POTUS the way you do doesn’t mean that anything that comes out of his mouth is invalid and that he deserves to be killed.

    Sometimes your point is lost in all the hate, Mark. Sometimes.

  7. OFJ – hate? me ? Hate GWB ? good grief no …. I have far more important things to invest any emotions I do possess in 🙂

    But for fun ….

    GWB has yet to obliterate Iran / Syria to name but two. North Korea is undoubtedly on his ICBM list.
    Would eliminating GWB (that is, killing the one person) save more than one life ? Yes, it would, therefore the idea is not without merit.
    Likewise, there are many people who would like to achieve fame, and if fame means notoriety, then what I stated would achieve both purposes.

    GWB is a dangerous man.

  8. OF Jay makes some very good points about those old Commie bastards from the CCCP. Stalin murdered more people than did Hitler, yet he is rarely villified in the way that A.H. has been, deservedly so, of course.

    The US should have invaded Russia after the fall of Berlin. That would have saved at least another 10 million people. They didn’t, and millions died, but hey, they were Commies, so we western types didn’t really care, did we? We were too busy to care since we were learning how to consume and build suburbs. 😛

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