Tagging pt2

40gig of music. Some tagged in the order I want, some tagged badly, some not tagged, all from a variety of sources. I’m told that Musicbrainz will do the job, and I’m also pointed at The Godfather. Maybe I can’t read …….
Musicbrainz I stopped at halfway through as it could not recognise around 65% of the music. I let TG do what it wanted and apart from leaving odd gaps, it did not remove wrong tags. So … looks like I’m doing it all manually and it also looks like there is no single utility that you can use to address the tagging issue. Strange that given the explosion in mp3 players – not everyone can be downloading from iTunes.
And before someone says that MB needs help and maybe it was obscure stuff – it was not, it was mainstream music. If it was wierd stuff that would be fine. Question is ….. election results are coming in all night so can I be arsed to sit and get it all done ?

10 thoughts on “Tagging pt2

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  2. I had that problem with iTunes too.

    I just did it while bored or between stuff over several weekends. Its still not perfect, but its much better. Eventually I’ll add album art to them all too.

    My main gripe is that iTunes names files [Track#] [Title].mp3, but I want [Track#] [Artist] – [Title].mp3

    Doesn’t seem much I can do about that though…

  3. frankly they’re all rubbish and none do exactly as they say on the tin. Tag & Rename I do like, looks like a dogs dinner, but it’s what underneath that counts. Still, let’s say you have 40gbs, let’s say only 30% have tags, it’s not going to automate it for you. There’s nothing clever out there to do the job for you. It’s a headache, I just wish Mp3 players were a bit smarter and read the title and added that as the id automatically – when will the tag not match the title?

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