F1 stupidity

If BAR had Michael Schumacher as one of their drivers, then don’t we all just know that BAR would not have the ridiculous penalty that they have now ? After all, Benetton broke the rules in 1994 and the German has broken rules while with Ferrari too yet nothing happens to him or his team ……. doesn’t take the brains of a fly to work that out does it ? What IS the frigging point of F1 now ? Crap TV coverage, pretty useless commentators when the ads are stealing the action, blatant manipulation of the results …

6 thoughts on “F1 stupidity

  1. Agree and that what gets fans if it was level everyone would have said ok bar take your pill as to say but the fact we know what woulod have happened if ferria had been ivolved upset fans…

    As for commentators agree not all of them the best but for mahy years we were spoilt with murray walker… saying that am always impressed by martin…

    Again mark and tony jadrine re very good just need to get rid if james

    Anyway all imho


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