11 thoughts on “Go Vote !

  1. well they buggered up my form so I can’t vote – go democracy. It doesn’t matter who we vote for, looking at the economics of it, all three are screwed, our country is in defecit, people are skint but still spending and borrowing, NHS is down the toilet, etc etc.

    even tactical voting is a little…questionable. Labour blows, the Tories are a bunch of anally expelled Thatcher farts, and the Lib Dems…well I can always do with a laugh. Don’t even get me started on the idea that students these days are the future, and how they’re revolutionise voting – students rarely if ever vote, they’re too bloody drunk or hung over

  2. I voted 🙂 (Clanky will be pleased!!)

    And I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the British Consulate has just been blown up on the day of the British General Election either. I think the Tories did it to make a statement about the Blair-Bush relationship…. That’s my theory! Watch the news!

  3. I didn’t. Why? The boss/boyfriend decided that it would be the perfect day to arrange a surprise cat5/cat6 course in Northampton, leaving at 5 in the morning, and getting back after the polling stations closed. Yeah, go work. Whoo.

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