A military judge has rejected the guilty plea entered by US soldier Lynndie England in her trial over the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

The judge said testimony presented to the court suggested that she did not know what she was doing was wrong.

Good grief …….. what next ? The Iraqi’s will LOVE this one. NOT.


6 thoughts on “USA – WTF ?

  1. I think the judge did the right thing. We need to get to the bottom of who ordered what so that more senior asses can be slung. Pleading not guilty to try and reduce the sentence is an abuse of process and her attornies would have so advised. This way the evidence will at least go to mitigation. The judge done good. (He is obviously a Democrat).

  2. I disagree – sort of.

    The judge may technically have done the right thing, but his words are frankly beyond belief. This woman CANNOT have known that what she was doing was not wrong. The military ethos of “Do as you are told” is crap anyway and the message this one story sends out is a powerful one – and the wider point which you indicate will be lost in the immediacy of this breaking.

    She knew precisely what she was doing.

  3. Well this is military judge. A guilty plea and ten years in the slammer might have looked very tempting because it will prevent the evidence(highly embarrassing) being heard. We must not assume he is positioning himself for a not guilty verdict. He maybe, but we dont know. And a prosecution which says following orders is not a defence,
    was used at Nuremberg; but it is generally unprecedented; and it has no foundation in domestic military law. And Private Jackass from the 119 Motor Transport Company would receive very little protection if they refused such an order in the face of the enemy . It probably still carries the death penalty.
    I think England sucks. By all means lock her up. But the selective nature of the prosecutions is disguising a bigger truth. What went on was authorised/ ordered by Rumsfeld. Now there is a real war criminal.

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