Blogging 101

An interesting post over at Om Malik’s Blog which mentions WordPress and Content Management Systems in the same sentence. I have mentioned here before that all I want to do is blog, nothing more, nothing less. I know what a CMS is and what it can do, and I know that I do not want one regardless of how it is dressed up. This is also behind my decision – which I have said here before – to remain on a certain build of WP and it’s highly unlikely I will upgrade. But in that article, of the 3 tools mentioned, only 1 is free (WP) but only 1 would be classed as a blog (Radio Userland). So does that mean that when I want to look – should I choose – for a replacement blogging tool, that I will be increasingly limited to paid solutions rather than free ones ? Add into this that ‘free’ solutions tend to need you to have paid out already for domain name / hosting then the fact that it is ‘free’ (GPL matters not here) actually is not a selling point to the individual who is looking to use it. What they want is simplicity and power – and that ain’t a CMS.

2 thoughts on “Blogging 101

  1. Know what really bugs me about this… blog/CMS/doohickey! Don’t matter WHAT you call it or WHAT it is, it’s what YOU use it for that’s the important.

    If that means you have to pay to get something that will do what you want then hey, that’s market forces.

  2. Yes

    Why don’t I delete Irfanview and Paint Shop Pro and instead grab one of the Adobe warez programs ? Because for what I want it’s overkill. Even Irfanview I don’t stress with my needs.

    There is a line between a CMS and a blog. You cannot have a product that does both successfully as during development some aspects of one will have suffered. That includes the UI. So … I just want to blog.

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