Settling in

  • When one is carrying a large unwieldy item and you come across a cat, said animal does not go to the left, or to the right. Instead it walks in front of you at a speed fractionally slower than you so that you have to stop because you cannot see it. Humph.
  • My ‘refuge’ looks better as my magnet collections are in place. This a good thing
  • Books are sorted and I have 11 partially read that I want to finish.
  • The local co-op sells packs of flying saucers and foamy bananas !! 🙂
  • I went to the above shop last night. As I walked in to the shop – which has 4 aisles – the security guard was walking DOWN the first aisle. He did NOT see me. The girl behind the till did. I went to the last aisle to get some sweets / pop. As I am standing looking at the sweets, I noticed a shop girl look down the aisle at me. Possibly relevant is that the alcohol is in that aisle too. I looked back at the sweets. And then, above the 7 or 8 foot display that I am looking at pops the security guard’s face ! He looked directly at me so I said “Hi”. I think he missed the “Subtle Observation Skills” class. I think I need to go in daily to reduce the levels of fear and panic. But maybe they’ll think I’m casing the joint … tricky … watch the local press 😉
  • This moving house business is very tiring.
  • Giving my daughters 5 litres of paint, 2 brushes and 1 room with the one instruction of “More on the walls than you please” worked a treat 🙂
  • I want a new design here.

3 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. would it be at all possible to take a small digi camera around with you Mark. I would so like to see the reaction on the villagers faces…
    Glad your getting settled in. I do like the sound of your little Refuge. I want/need one too.

  2. I second Joss’s suggestion! 😀

    Security guards – strange creatures they are. At least in retail. My mom works for a large ‘corner shop’ chain, and the security guards they have are little more than scarecrows. They do absolutely nothing. First sign of trouble? You’ll find them running away and leaving the shop staff to it…

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