8 thoughts on “Crisp Sarnies

  1. I adore. In fact one of my favourite sandwiches is egg mashed up with mustard, salt and pepper and Heinz salad cream (cos I am a Pom) and then a layer of the best crisps. Plain or chicken flavoured are the best.

    Of course they re not in the current diet and so I have been chippie (as they are called her in NZ) free for quite some time.

  2. huh. haven’t had those. In Pittsburgh, there is a bar/restaurant called Primante Bros where they take the (oversized) sandwich (some sort of dead animal thing on a industrial roll) and all the stuff that would normally be next to the sandwich (fries-sorry-chips, cole slaw, etc) and stick it in the sandwich. Makes this really huge contraption, which is has become some sort of local pride thing. I find it to be completely disgusting: I like each of my food items in separate piles, so I can roll around in them.

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