Tiger … so f*cking what..

So the new MacOS Tiger gets shipped today (officially anyway) and in a few hours there will be Mac bloggers gloating about whatever new shiny is in that code and in the same sentence berating us Windows users for having the OS we do. It’s the same with Linux users isn’t it ? Ubuntu comes out, or the latest mandrake / Red Hat / Knoppix and they too shove their noses even higher in the air as they deign to communicate with someone who just happens to have a Windows machine sitting in front of them.

Can you lot just not shut up ?

Stupid people buy Macs too. Stupid people use Linux too. And no, it’s not necessarily the case that more stupid people use Windows but given the increased userbase it’s bound to happen that they crop up more.
I doubt I’m the only Windows user who is fed up to the back teeth of you lot whinging on, especially when if you want to play games you use a PC or some sort of emulation code. Both the above systems have holes in them too – as is acknowledged – but because it’s a niche market the hackers just cannot be bothered.

Labels …. it’s all about labels and just because you wear certain clothes / buy certain items does not imbue you with any special abilities. If you are cool, that will out anyway regardless. And if you are a dipshit ? Likewise 😉

12 thoughts on “Tiger … so f*cking what..

  1. To borrow a quote “Unclench man, unclench!”

    I’m a happy Windows XP user. I have my home system tailored to the way I work. I would like a Mac, if I ever buy a laptop I’ll probably by a Mac. I’ve worked with Macs in the past.

    And that’s where I think a lot of this stems from, the history of Macs and how they are, typically, viewed as being the ‘art/design’ choice where as PCs were the developer/geek choice.

    What I always find funny is that I use Microsoft Office, and a lot of my friends with Mac use… Microsoft Office!! What’s the difference?

  2. I have a brand new Powerbook – OS10.3.7 and also have an existing Dell Inspiron 8600 – XP Pro. They are both brilliant machines with great software and awesome processing power.

    What can I say – except lucky me, I get to play with both.

  3. I use all three – Mac, Linux and XP. I don’t blog about the first two all that much, but on the odd occasion if I’ve discovered something new/useful I will.

    But I know what you mean, some people have a slightly elitist attitude and if you use Windows (which as much as I’d like to get rid of MS completely it’s not going to happen anytime soon) you’re looked down on. But not all Mac and Linux users are like that, honest! 🙂

    Oh and I haven’t bothered getting Tiger for my powerbook yet, I didn’t see anything all that revolutionary in it to fork out £90 so decided to wait a while.

  4. I know of one person who basically buys all-things-Apple (Powerbook, iPod, iPod Shuffle sic ad nauseum)because they are status symbols. He tossed a lot of cash for that widescreen monitor and all the other accessories for his barrel of Apples. I don’t think he knows how to use half of the stuff, but hey, he’s GOT IT ALL.

    What a wanker.

    PS: I want to buy a mini-Mac. Does that make me a hypocrite, or more of a hypocrite?

  5. It may be my British nature, or it may be that the tinkering gene runs in our family (Mini cooper engines on the kitchen table) but I like OLD stuff. Maybe I am old. A friend of mine helped me into understanding the beauty with computers of doing more with less. I got out of the upgrade mentality years ago. And since then my own set up has generally been bug free, lightening fast, inexpensive and easy to work with. I will install your new fangled doodah Mr Mac when the kinks are ironed out, when it runs on my box, and when it is free. ie never. And with a fancy icon pack you can disguise any OS if you want to anyway. Am I in the new media generation; ipod in one hand, mobile in others, and RSI in my text driven fingers? No. Thank God I am not. I just hack a little.

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