Imbibing coffee

Woke at 4am …. strange house, strange noises, doesn’t ‘smell’ right so despite being very tired and with another 2 days of this ahead here I am tapping away and wondering when to reformat D:/ and look again at what files I keep. Just like moving house means chucking away some detritus, I’m looking at the digital data in much the same way.

And D’s hamster didn’t quite make the journey here 🙁

7 thoughts on “Imbibing coffee

  1. Reformat – oh Gawd. . .
    Me too.

    My raid went hinky and three 80 gig drives sort of said “phhhft” all at once.

    The drive you specified is not formated. Would you like to format it now?
    Not really. It has about 8 years worth of stuff on it. Do I have an alternative.

    So, I went in with Knoppix, saved what I wanted over the last three or four days to a USP drive and I I will install fresh on a a new 250 gig and raid the three 80’s together again and just start fresh.

    Did I mention I have to transfer everything over to a new host because F a t h e r L u k e . com expires the beginning of May?

    Fast times on the old super information highway.

    La de dah. . .
    Father Luke

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