Filling shelves and scaring people.

And so it continues. All construction done but there is still a ton of stuff yet to be unboxed and out away – isn’t it amazing just how much clobber you accumulate ? One of the better things about this move is that I get a room to use as an office / den / refuge and it is filling with books and games .. lots of games … so I’m taking the opportunity to check which (handheld) games I still have (GB / GBC / GBA / NGPC / Lynx – with an unopened copy of Batman Returns!) as I know for a fact that some of the girl’s friends have relocated the odd copy over the last few years. Current cartridge loss = 4. And I’m splitting my books into those unread / started / read. I like being organised sometimes 🙂

Tomorrow we clean the last house and meet with the landlady to get our bond money back. She gives us money, we give her keys. Until we give her the keys then ‘accidents’ can happen – shame if that were to happen but then if no money ……..

And P and me just wandered to the local shop – about 10 minutes walk away. This village is 3 miles away from the last one yet it may as well be on another planet they way I got stared at. One woman walking out of the shop seemed to momentarily forget to walk when she saw me, the shop staff eyed me very suspiciously, the local natives were struggling at times to stare without actually looking at me and I silenced one kid just by wandering past with P. Ho hum…..

I’m knackered.

6 thoughts on “Filling shelves and scaring people.

  1. I have been doing the decluttering thing of late. We are talking hiring of vans and the council tip. It is horrifying how much junk we accumulate. And it is very satisfying knowing that you can live very happily without nearly all of it. We have nearly reached some semblance of minimalist order. A friend of mine has a number allowance for everything (he is obsessive). His shirt number is 10. When he buys one he always throws an old one out. Mark have the green Dalek like wheelie bins reached you yet ? 🙂

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