I’m sure that the communication of the change of webhosts for this site was done with a combination of semaphore, smoke signals and chinese whispers*. There are probably some errors somewhere but I’ll catch them in a while when we decide to throw in the towel for the day. (And if my brother-in-law ever again promises his help early with a ton of jobs that needed doing but then crawls around trying to convince me that his ‘hangover from hell’ is some f*cking badge of honour when all he did last night was fail to remove a bottle of rum from his lips then I swear I will hit him, especially when he then proceeds to try and make me look a dickhead to bolster his own rep. Twat.)

* Yea, I know how long it should take – I’m not in a great mood right now.

Oh, and Zen Internet rock.

7 thoughts on “Semaphore

  1. Root – Ta ! That’s both of us shifted about then now.

    Cat – speed, efficiency, newsgroups 😉

    IfElse – Swan .. think of a swan 🙂 (or maybe an apparently calm duck trying it’s best to look cool while paddling upstream)

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