Scuttle 0.4.1 is out with a nifty search feature.

Stuart over at thebombsite linked ages ago to Crystal XP and as a consequence, the girls’ machine is running the Tux Shell Pack. Recently released has also been a “Longhorn inspired” Shell pack which I installed here 2 days ago and all has been fine. Does nothing for the OS of course, but it makes what was ugly, more tolerable. Windows only …….. after all, true geeks should just want a black screen and that flashing cursor ?

The domain (not this one) that I had with Web Mania is in the process of being moved. I had two periods of downtime which, following the other WM shenanigans as experienced by Root was not good and although it may indeed be a temp hiccup, it was severe enough for me to jump ship. last thing I want is for my testing / playing / gallery domain to fall over. Not that it affects here … was just saying ..

I rowed for a straight 30mins, completing 6.1km (L4) earlier – my goal of 10km gets closer !

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  2. I think you’ve lost a comment here somewhere. Still, I’m getting used to it just lately. 😀 Got the “Longhorn” Crystal XP version up and running. Very nice though I have to say I’ve brought my old Tux wallpaper back. All that black was putting me in a bad mood. 😉

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