Moving the roots

The week of the move commences at last.
We’ve got the “man and van” for Thursday, but we get the keys Wednesday and we don’t have to be gone from here until Saturday morning. So we have some logistics worked out but in the end it’ll come down to just getting it there and sorting it out over time. Houses never become homes overnight do they ? The trickiest part is getting the bond back for this place – we really cannot afford to lose the £500 but the landlady isn’t around to do the “inspection” until Saturday morning (more of which later). We are her first tenants too so we aren’t sure of her expectations. J has though made herself fully aware of what the law and the contract says. We get cash back, we will be happy. If we do not get it back, all of it, then I will take revenge. Planned it is. Legal ? Actually, it probably is that too !
I’m hoping that J does not wear herself out in all of this because we pay a hard price for much longer afterwards if she does do too much, but then I can’t stop her and if I try to she get’s annoyed at me and frustrated at herself. Bah.
The other significance, albeit just for a few miles is that the girls will be moving from the village they have lived in since they were born. Where we are going literally is only 2 villages away and they have lots of friends there but it’ll still be odd – maybe not for them as all things will be new but for us. We were both moved around a lot when we were kids (going to new schools is evil) and we decided very early on in our marriage that any kids would have solid roots regardless of careers (and as it has turned out other events) and it’s no small matter of pride to us both that our girls really do have friends they have known since their first days at playschool. Roots are important .. lives shouldn’t be fractured in childhood.
So although it’s just a move – and they happen by the 1000 every day – this one has it’s significances and problems. Which is why I’m pondering the WP London meetup. There are reasons to go, and reasons to not …..

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