7 thoughts on “The #1 kids TV programme

  1. Definately agree with the Magic Roundabout, I loved that as a kid too. Though it’s not really fair to compare it to The Simpsons in my opinion, they’re in totally different leagues. The Simpsons has always been an adult cartoon in my eyes (though I know kids watch it too).

  2. Jen: most definitely the latter more than the former… 😛
    I’m probably not much older than ya, but I loved my sugar-addict, round-circling, neurotic dog! I think he had a run that span over about 30 years (from the sixties to the nineties) and was a franco-british contraption (with some serious adaptation differences between both countries, which really screwed with my head at the time)…
    Overall, we’re talking *lo*-fi stop-motion animation… and very little explosions or laser guns…

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