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A while ago I requested that Google removed me from their database (due to my trying to reduce my bandwidth) which they did. It was around that time that a blogspot blogger hotlinked to my page and stole bandwidth, and as a consequence of that I ran with this header Google: You create, We steal. I flagged this header to the big G (I was pissed at them). Not long after all this, I re-added my URL from within Google (I did this several times in fact). I also started looking at logs. Sure enough, Googlebot starts paying visits and crawling all over my site and in an email conversation yesterday I learned that my linking to another blog’s post has had a dramatic positive effect on that very post. Hmm….. in case you are interested, I had a PR of 7 before all of this with my requested removal resulting in a PR-. So… the PR rankings get changed and given the cycle of things and my requests to be added / removed I was interested in where I might figure.
I don’t.
I can search on Google and my url does not directly figure in ANY results. Okay.. I asked to be removed from their database so maybe I can’t argue but what I CAN argue with is that if they are crawling my site and NOT returning me in any results then they have added me but have made a decision not to show me. And so if they are not going to show me, then why crawl my site and cost me bandwidth again ? What is their point ?

I don’t care for the PageRank – I have nothing to sell. What I do care about is that a private company is taking (yes, taking) all this information yet we have zero control over it. Seen their new stuff about Videos ? says that you “can upload for free!” – and that they will later sell them. Probably with ad breaks.

Either way Googlebot is banned, and I shall be watching the logs to see if it disobeys.

5 thoughts on “Google screws

  1. The link I posted talks about how Google clicks on every link in accessing the page.

    When you stop to consider how many admin pages have:

    //deletete – this //
    Are you sure you want to ?

    And google also clicks those.

    I’m not generally a conspiracy theorist,
    but, ahem, clicking links which say delete this,
    because of a bot, can screw up anyone’s day.

    Okay d0oD,
    Father Luke

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