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I joined the gym at the end of Feb, and today it was my 6 week review.

It’s good stuff ! Just before we started the actual process, Brett asked how I felt. I replied that I thought I felt better but that any change must have been quite gradual as there was no real effect I could ascertain.
Numbers: Weight is down just over 1Kg but then weight loss was never the point. Flexibility is still zero 🙂 This is probably down to both the exercise choices I have made and also because I have totally neglected the stretching. Steps have been taken to rectify this. The best number though was %fat – it was 26.7, it is now 22.1 which is nearly a 5% drop. So even though I have not lost a lot of weight, I have converted fat to muscle – always a good thing 🙂
My exercise regime has been altered now, and I’ve to be working on specific groups now. There is still room for me to do the rowing / walking / x-trainer but it’s more free weight working and less machines. Very very different. Lower weights would seem to be easier but the ‘free’ aspect and concentrating repeatedly on one area makes them see much heavier – at least today anyway.
If only I could start eating properly instead of the junk and also get the “weight gain” side-effect of one of my meds gone things would be so much better!

Either way – it’s GOOD news 🙂

2 thoughts on “Gym review

  1. Great to hear, Mark! Especially good is the lean muscle mass change. You’ve probably lost more weight than you think, it’s just that the muscle you’ve built up has added mass. Have you done any measurements? I’d be willing to bet that you have less girth now! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

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