I can’t be the only person to see that very many people must blog from work – else how otherwise is the quite dramatic drop in posts at the weekends explained ? Even the well-known multi-author blogs post considerably less during the evenings and weekends.
I’ve also noticed that torrents are acting the same way. Touted as a distribution method that can be used 24/7 to trickle those files in, they remain almost non-existant until late afternoon when they pick up as the UK / Europe hits evening and then the US takes over and keeps things high.
Maybe people blog at work and torrent at home ?

4 thoughts on “3*8=24

  1. Definitely very truthful, I know quiet a few of my own personal reads would have to admit quite a bit of blogging during the day job. I remember when I frequented message boards more often that a lot of people would admit copious amounts of forum reading and such whilest supposedly doing something called work.

    Bad habits…then again I’m the one up at 3:40 in the freakin’ morning, so I certainly shouldn’t be pointing the finger, should I?

  2. Guilty as charged. I blog mostly from work although I do from home if something good happens. I mean, what else am I going to do there? Work? Puhlease. They don’t pay me enough to actually work. So, I keep an excel spreadsheet open, a MS Word doc and when I’m blogging away and the boss comes by, I quickly maximize one of those windows and it looks like I’m the most productive person in the office.

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