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  1. 404 was 404’d for the 3rd time. Only the 404 didn’t stand for “Not Found” – it apparently means “Totally Wiped Out”.

    “reliable hosting, technical support you can understand, you have chosen the right company. Web Mania will provide you with the most efficient service, whatever your online needs may be.”

    No. They lie.

  2. Actually, just thinking about it, and I’m not trying to push them, but about a month ago TextDrive were offering lifetime hosting for a $399 one-off payment. Yes that is dollars. I didn’t have the readies at the time else I would have snatched their hand off. I think Joni took it up.

  3. Web-mania ! problems ? I recently posted on my blog that they seem to have got sorted out. Anyone who reads my blog hahahahha will know the problems i had with Web-mania. Basically they deleted my ip address. But this took like 4 weeks to sort out and me being very determined to get to the bottom of it. I don’t so much think its an equipment issue more gross incompetence from its staff. But like i said its been fine for me since my run in with them.

  4. I am still here. ON MY OWN HOST. Just getting set up at wp-blogger.com/blog till the domain propogates. It horrifies me how many people I know seem to be using WM. They suck really. Dreadful. If anybody needs a host let me know. Thanks for yr patience.

  5. Yup, they’re just getting worse and worse.

    I’ve used them for hosting various sites over the past 5 years, and on the whole they have been okay.

    But their mySQL is dreadful – frequent connection problems and downtime – the customer support is all very pleasant etc, but nothing ever gets fixed properly.

    They’re okay for non-professional sites, but don’t use them to host a client site, particularly if there is an e-commerce element – you will come unstuck sooner or later.

    I’m going to move all my client sites elsewhere over the new few weeks.

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