Sorted the new line at the new place today. Taking our phone number with us would slow it all down so we’ve gone for a new number and I’m moving up to the 1meg service. Partly because with Zen their service is unmetered and partly because every evening and pretty much all weekends now the line is currently full. What with webcams (the girls, not me), downloads, uploads and general guff, 512 just doesn’t cut it. The additional bonus with Zen is that they carry virtually all the newsgroups (f2s – my current provider – do not carry what they consider to be dodgy ngs which means virtually all the alt.* groups and no binaries. Zen do not take any sort of censorship stance other than illegal porn). And they are also offering a gig of webspace – most good indeed. So, come a week Friday I’ll be able to find (and publish) crap faster 🙂

I now have some wonderful 18mm solid wood plugs in my lobes. They have some lacquer finish …. that’ll need gently scraping off I guess. Looks damn good though.

Also got round to buying a USB drive which I am busy populating – it was getting annoying using the mp3 player to do data.

Books ……….

5 thoughts on “ADSL

  1. Good news there Mark. Good call with the ISP Zen. I took the 1mb line too. Running 3 PC’s all the time and you would notice. Well fast and reliable. Only thing is there seems to be some problems with retention and corrupt files over the last few weeks on the newsgroups.

    No pic of the new plugs then ?

  2. I too have 1 Meg ADSL (nice isn’t it?) but with Wanadoo. It’s supposed to be metered at 2 Gigs/month but when I took it on last September they said that they weren’t going to start metering until February. I think it was to help get the service off the ground. I have to tell you that they still aren’t metering and I haven’t been notified that they will. And all for £17.99/month. I would have to say that so far it’s been a bloody good deal and I haven’t had any connection problems yet either (touch wood).

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