I’m trying – yet again – to use the Winamp Media Library function as – yet again – I find I lose music on the HD. So I end up playing the same tracks in the same order which gets boring. It doesn’t help that loading music into the player for the gym is done the same way and when motivation is needed, the same music I find distracting. Sooo……. I’ve been using CDDB mp3 Tool for a couple of years now and a neat chunk of code it is. However, it would not retag a number of files, so I had to use mp3 Tag 4.6. Very nice – I just need to find a free one. $25 is a bit much for the limited use I’ll put it to.
It would appear that using the Library is also stressing this machine a touch when I have other apps open that work perfectly when Winamp is run without it. If that continues then I quit the retry. Again.

In other news: the house decision has been made, I have started a new Barb in D2 (patched but not expanded) and I ate a packet of Rusks earlier. A whole packet. Without milk.

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