Running out of music..

I figured that the gym would wear me out physically, but I never thought that I would start to run low on sounds. Maybe I shouldn’t go for so long and so often. Weighed myself today and I’ve lost a bit – amazing as this last week I have done little but eat chocolate. So yes, I need to find more music (not that that task in itself is particularly difficult) but it has to be the right sort doesn’t it ? The main occupant of the mp3 player is The Very Best Euphoric Funky House Breakdown and I need more in a similar vein. This looks close … Ministry of Sound – the Mash Up Mix.

Did I say I found photos of my tattoos on the BBC site ? Given the camera, they are amazingly bad too – anyone would think I’d taken them. Annnnnd, talking of bodyart, wassup with UPB ? More activity in 24 hours than there has been in six months !

3 thoughts on “Running out of music..

  1. I don’t know if it is still available as I haven’t bothered looking for it for the past year or so but there used to be a monthly “Ministry of Sound” magazine which came with a pretty decent cover CD mix of various stuff in the trance/garage/techno/drum ‘n’ bass genres. At around £5 it was pretty good value just for the mag. alone.

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