There are a couple of things which TechGnome from the WP forums has posted recently which I certainly think deserve repeating. The first is an entry on his blog entitled “Sentimental“. Very funny and very true. Just as amusing, if not more so was a response to a post in the forums. Someone had asked a question then followed it up with a “Solved it” post but without the solution. This sort of thing irks many of us, but TG’s reply started thus:
[style .gnome {display: irritated; align: over-the-edge; padding: walls; } /]
[div id=’gnome’]
Dang it people! ARRRGH! What does it friggin take?
I really did laugh out loud when I read that.

The /wordpress files are now sorted better. There is no dependence on my ISP space, all the CSS is correctly linking to a single file, a few minor edits, some adsense removed which I had missed. If I thought it was worth it I would correct the display so that it didn’t break at resolutions of less than 1024. That’s a case of redoing a stack of images – which as phpMyAdmin has moved on is no bad thing – but right now I don’t know if the work is justified. I really should have kept all the tracking code in there – I’m sure the counters there are wrong too. I’m going to add a few files there at some point, just waiting for the mood to hit me.

And, as has been blogged in various places, the BBC has a new archive: Should be very useful, and even more so if they adopt Bittorrent as a medium for sharing the files, though I guess with the GeoIP limitations that is not on the cards (though why not ?).

I’ve a computer to vacuum, some CD’s to burn and some meds to dispense, so I’m the one not in front of the keyboard from now…….

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