I’m ill.

Must be true – I said “I feel cold” twice today inside of a couple of hours. So now I’m wearing a jumper – an event that happens only when I’m ill. Bah.

I just found out that D has an MSN Spaces blog … why ? She’s got her own domain, WP installed there …. it’s peer pressure I guess 🙂 Wonder when she’ll get an LJ ?

Some site fiddling … the linklog, keeplog, freeware list and online game sites lists have all gone. I saw a post from Ian this morning and Scuttle was something that happened just at the right time. My links have been a bit spread out and this makes much more sense. Lumber is the link (for now) and the register link (like Ian’s) is non-existent. It was also an ideal opportunity to be sure no dead links made it through.

Next on the fiddling list is /wordpress. I’ve got a copy to work on in my machine so I’ll adjust what I want to, add a few bits, edit some others then re-upload. No passwords, no access conditions – it just needs a sort out. Once that is all done though, the complete content may be also held at another site .. just in case my site wierds out on me again.

New header image is courtesy of OFJ though it has to be said that his original image is wonderful and the result above (which is but a fraction of the image) in comparison is woeful (me+PSP=not good). But grey is good right now.

Oh yes …. and I went gym earlier. Somebody had written on their blog that my using the rowing machine at level 10 wasn’t that good – like I would know that ! Last time I was there, I did 4000m, level 10 in 18:00. Today I did 4000m, level 5 in 18:45 Now excuse me for missing something, or just plain not understanding, but all that actually tells me is that today I did it slower. I do like the rower though – easily my favourite bit of gym equipment and if I consistently use the same equipment, set at the same resistance levels and set myself targets which I then work to beat, then it doesn’t bloody matter what is or is not good when compared to someone who would deride another user for their lack of knowledge. If everything is equal, but I do it faster (without dying or injuring myself in the process) then surely that is a good thing.

6 thoughts on “I’m ill.

  1. Markie, I will never be able to look at you the same for now on. Here in America, a “Jumper” is a type of dress little girls wear.

    So now I have this picture in my head of some big buff guy with lots of piercings wearing a jumper.

    I can’t stop laughing.


  2. Coincidence but I was thinking about the rowing machine – don’t think it was me deriding you though 😉 IIRC the girl in the gym advised that the local rowing team train between level 6-9 as that best replicates the conditions in the water but then you ain’t on a rowing team and YMMV as with everything. Keep enjoying what you’re doing I say

  3. Ian – Thanks for that !
    There’s an errant span tag in toolbar.inc.php which is stopping IE. Validation will point it out.
    I removed the registration option in the toolbar, and I also renamed the registration file. Added was #rap to bring it a bit tighter too, and when I get the motivation, I’ll play a bit more with the css and have a wee look at the code too.
    Good find !

  4. Additionally:
    – validation fixed in ‘tags.php’. The alt tag in the href needs removing.
    – I’ve also removed the table from the tags list, though I need to also remove it from the ‘Related Tags’ area too.

    (The display and validation stuff logged at Sourceforge)

    Shame it hasn’t got a logo ….

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