Itchy Nipples

I scratched my right nipple properly for the first time in years last night.
It had been itching slightly for a few hours – one of those itches that niggles at you, insisting that it gets your full attention before it will depart – but because of the metal planted in the nipple, my attempts were failing. So late last night – unable to sleep, crap on the TV – I removed both piercings and gave my nipple a damn good scratch. (Not a rub – oh no. That would imply something that was not happening. Actually, I have never found my nipples to have any effect in an erogenous sense). It felt very very odd not to have metal in the chest detail. After refilling the holes, I debated stretching the hole in my left nipple. It is currently 1.6mm, but it used to be 4mm. However, despite the room being warm and all other things appearing to be conducive, a few pushes with a taper reminded me that stretching a nipple piercing is not to be taken lightly. 1.6 it remains for now.
Also found that an eyebrow piercing which I had removed some time last year was still open ( right over my left eye) so that now has metal in, and a couple of other holes (info would be TMI) had the steel replaced. 28 piercings live and shiny.

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    Nope. They are gone from here right now, and from the other pages in a very short space of time.

    And yes, Glitch City !!

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