Two crap days

Resignation settles in as I realise that I cannot fight an issue which is (was) frustrating me more then you can know. It’s been incredibly distracting and even slouching here typing this my mind can’t shift from the subject. It’s an entirely real-life issue btw, nothing online. Bah.

Did I mention we have another house ? We’ve even got a couple of days overlap which is neat as although this time we’ll have to pay a ‘man & van’, having that extra time means we don’t have to rush. And I’ve learnt from the move here and broadband – we will be getting a new phone number. That way online should be there from day one and we get to leave several annoying people scrabbling around for our (ex-directory) number.

And the abody site finally completed propagation earlier – next task is get Brian to let me sort out the front page. It’s pretty ugly (even for my standards) but necessary given the studio move. What with sorting that shifting of files (100meg of images which had to be checked), and doing other stuff on their server, and on Friday reinstalling the OS / software on their studio machine I reckon I’m going to plonk myself in front of Neil, roll up both sleeves and ask him which arm he wants to start on. I will get my tattoos !

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bollocks.

2 thoughts on “Two crap days

  1. Ugh, I hate moving. I’m looking at going off to law school later this summer and I don’t know how I’m going to move my crap across several states (13 hours away) alone. I’m too cheap to pay someone. I hope you get your personal problem worked out. They can be seriously distracting without even really realizing it.

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