3 Techie Puzzles

  1. Why does Domain Name propagation take SO damn long ? Didn’t they say this was going to be speeded up ?
  2. Why when I run one crap/registry cleaner does Firefox then not load header images in blogs unless I CTRL-F5 ?
  3. Why when I run a different crap/registry cleaner does it remove an Xchat .dll, so necessitating a reinstall of Xchat ?

One thought on “3 Techie Puzzles

  1. 1) DNS is a global thing, dependant on the frequency that a domain is called will vary the speed of which a change will propigate.

    If you can change your Zone file directly change the TTL settings to something lower so that the domain expires on caches more frequently.. of course this increases the requests to the authorative DNS server too.

    48 hours is just a rough figure, if the DNS is updated there and then and not requested frequently then the propigation can be instant.

    2) & 3) Well if you will run Windows 🙂

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