Moving again

So 4 weeks from now we’ll be in another house. The landlady has found someone – and assuming she gives us a decent reference and our bond back – we’ll be gone sometime on the 1st, finishing the move on the 2nd. There’s a small matter of actually getting another house, but hey, minor problem !
J is infinitely better at organising things than me, so until the day itself when all my hours at the gym will be put to the test, I have a single task. Broadband. That’s it – find an ADSL provider for the new home. Luckily, we will have been here on the F2S contract for just over the minimum 12 months – so avoiding the penalty fee – so I can drop them if I want. My needs list is actually very very basic:
– 512 down (minimum)
– domain space with mysql / php (preferred)
I have no need for email or any other add-on junk, but extra speed would be neat as increasingly we have two computers hogging the line. I’ve started studying and trying to unravel the package complexities. Although I probably don’t hit capping limits, I’ve not measured and given that F2s does not allow decent usenet access, I will be limited anyway. Now, give me Zen Internet (if they dropped that £50 connection fee I’d be with them in a shot) and I’ll show you downloads 🙂 Not sure yet whether to stay with F2s or move – right now all the images that are served in the /wordpress area are actually loaded there which saves me a ton of bandwidth. Peruse and ponder time.

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  1. Let me know if you need any help whatsoever Mark. Online/offline – glad to help any way I can 🙂 My new server is proving to be an excellent choice and I have something like 4gb of free webspace online and bandwidth etc is never an issue with me.

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