An automatic Pass

There’s a very strange story over in the BBC Education section Maths grade C ‘possible for all’. I find this dispiriting and disturbing.

“It is vital that we inspire, encourage and motivate young people in their studies by providing them with the opportunity to gain a grade C in GCSE mathematics.

“A two-tier model provides everyone with the opportunity, if they reach the required level, to gain a grade C.”

I can see the announcement from whichever Govt is around in a few years when they proudly declare that the pass rate in Maths has hit 100% – yet they are not doing anything but negative things are they ?
They are not increasing teacher numbers, not increasing teacher time, not increasing educational resources, not seeking to work with the teachers themselves to ensure standards. None of that. They seek only to lower the bar so far that they can use the resultant figures as political propaganda (Here’s a thought …. let’s say we ended up in the EU, and then these figures came out – they’d be presented as evidence of how wonderful the EU was would they not ?)
The policitians – for it is they who have driven this stupidity – care not at all for our children or the next generations. As usual they care only for themselves and we must remember that the career of an MP is a transitory one as they feather their nests by stealing from the electorate – the only people who should determine the education of our children are teachers. Just them.

The worrying aspect of all this though is the words in that quote: “inspire, encourage and motivate“. How is that achieved when you make things easier ? The not-so-clever slack off as why work when a pass is guaranteed. The clever slack off because what’s the point ? Or will they introduce A, A*, A** which then does not so much distinguish the kids who have done well as redefine failure as being a “C”.

All this actually does is give a way to hide the fact they will cut education in as many ways as possible – but then what did we expect ?

One thought on “An automatic Pass

  1. Looking at the BBC story closely it looks as though the change is that a pass will now depend on absolute performance, with relative performance not taken into account – i.e. it will no longer be the case that the bottom x% fail.

    The problem with this is that it makes it easy to fudge the results by making the exams easier, which will probably happen.

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