Wolf nipple chips ?

Watched Life of Brian while doing the ironing … in some people’s eyes not the wisest film to watch right now maybe – but I needed the laughs.
At the gym before that I cracked 4 minutes ! Rower, level 10 resistance, 1000m completed in 3:54.6 ! Target is now 3:50 – I went off far too fast for the first 250, completed the second 250 still way ahead of 2:00 but then struggled a bit. This wasn’t helped by the fact that this was the first machine I had used, I’d forgotten my sweat towel, I forgot to press Play for music and the GP was 5 minutes away from the start. Combine all that with events here to do with the landlady and I think it’s fair to say I wasn’t focussed. So when I am, I’m confident I can knock 5 seconds off that time in around a week / 10 days.

And what’s in the damn water right now ? The amount of completely unjustified hostility I am seeing is amazing – even the docs list isn’t off limits it seems.

4 thoughts on “Wolf nipple chips ?

  1. I’ll be adding that movie to my DVD collection some day…if I can ever find the damn thing!

    “If you wanna join the PFJ you gotta really hate the Romans.”
    “Well, I do!”
    “Yeah? How much?”
    “A lot!”
    “Right, you’re in then!”

    Didn’t know about docs list. I’ve been unsubscribed from that ever since the “delete dormant accounts” thing.

    It’s a beautiful day here. I’m going out for lunch and then head to the pub to haul away all of the band equipment from last night’s gig. Since I’m the only guy with a truck, I’ve become the official road crew for the band! :)They get all the chicks, and I get to haul speakers. Damn…I need to get some guitar lessons!

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