Sunday. Too early..

The landlady rang last night – can she show someone round at 10:30 this morning. I couldn’t really refuse. So time spent last night making the place even tidier (she has not agreed to give the bond back yet. She actually has no grounds to keep it – J has read up on this matter – but we need to at least try to keep her sweet until we do get it. It would be a very foolish move on her part to not give it us back. Very foolish indeed. Expensive too) and this last Sunday of half term it has not been appreciated to be up so damn early. The question then is do I do the mountain of ironing before I go gym, or after. Probably after – I’ll have more energy then.

And after that …. I’m not sure. A whole heap of spare time seems to have dropped into my lap and as it’s not going anywhere fast, I’d better get used to it.

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