4 thoughts on “Why the dogs ?

  1. Don’t look a gift horse (er, dog) in the mouth. Maybe they are fixing to hit up your Amazon wish list or PayPal link?

    You are missed in the forums and thank heavens that I was able to use your step by step (literally) tutorial on migrating from 1.2 to 1.5 for a client’s site. (I don’t mind hosing my own site, but I sure don’t want to crash the site of someone who entrusted me with it and paid me money!).

    Joni 😉

  2. Glad it came in useful Joni 🙂
    If you need database help, just yell. It’s mostly written but not in a good enough way for release but I know what I’m doing with them.

    And the search motives ? I don’t think they were looking to be kind.

  3. Just got up to speed on these developments. It really sucks. You are missed already. But hey – let the other guys have a go at the heavy lifting. More globally we all know that the growth of WP has made the forum in its current form very nearly unsustainable. That is certainly degrading the user experience. I cant tell you how sad I feel at seeing home bloggers being told to edit php files to get stuff done. And the other thing is superficially the moderation was a necessary development. But it always causes yet more argument. Its insoluble but it is not peculiar to WP. Chin up. Well done on the rowing 🙂

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