Soviets in the Vatican

Years ago, when a Soviet leader died, “the West” did not find out for quite some time. No doubt there was a fear of the political repercussions so the machinations went on behind closed doors, and the result was that we don’t know when they actually did pass away.
Seeing the constant stuff pouring from the news, I can’t help but feel that even in the information-led world, we are seeing a very customised version of events. Not that we are entitled to know, but the Vatican started this by issuing statements and some of the reports from his official spokesman this morning seem positively bizarre. Why don’t they just shut up until such time something actually does happen ?

8 thoughts on “Soviets in the Vatican

  1. my own take:

    The Pope has decided not to go back to Rome’s Gemelli hospital in order that he can die at home, in the Vatican. How do we know that his health wouldn’t be turned around, once more, if admitted to the hospital?

    How is this different from Terry Schiavo’s wish, not to be artificially kept alive, being honoured?

    It is good to see that the Vatican have finally come around to an enlightened view on euthanasia.

  2. As far as I am aware (or at least what I was taught at Catholic school,) Euthenasia is taking an active role in the death of a person, “putting them out of their misery” if you like.

    In the case of the (now deceased) Pope, he only wished that nature take it’s course.

    Of course, Karol did not live in America where beaurocracy and the media rule over all – a problem which reared it’s head for Mrs. Schiavo in her case.

    As a non-believer (too many hours of compulsory Religious Education led me to realise that organised religion was something that I could put my faith into) his death should not affect me but even though I am young I’m currently feeling that we’ve lost a man that did a lot of good for the world and it’s people.

    An odd feeling for me really.

  3. I’m sort of the feeling that if you don’t like the Catholic Church then leave. Not sure where that leaves me though 🙂

    Did a lot for people of the communist bloc though and fought a lot for people of Africa (though didn’t do much to get them using condoms obviously!). Good and bad in everyone, even IDOC’s ™* representative on Earth but he’s dead now so he’ll find out if it was all worth it.

    * (c) Claire

  4. In the case of the (now deceased) Pope, he only wished that nature take it’s course

    Sure Richard – that is my point – he wanted nature to take its course for him but the Vatican spoke out against Terry Schiavo’s being allowed to die (or let nature take its course with her).

    So one law for for the flock and another for the shepherds, eh?


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