Real people have names.

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Anonymous posting ? Fools, the lot of you, utter fools.

And calling me a Nazi ?’s_law You lose 🙂

You know what ? The sun is shining, I’m doing other stuff that, if the internet stopped would still continue. There are a lot of people who are still spouting utter f*cking crap about what went on – get a bloody grip will you ?

5 thoughts on “Real people have names.

  1. Never heard of Godwin’s Law. I made the mistake of reading up on it while drinking coffee. I have a mess now, but I’m cracking up, so it’s okay.

    The sun is shining here, guess I better enjoy it while the Internet collapses under the weight of all these egos. *sings*

  2. Here are a few things about disagreements I cannot stand…

    1. Name calling. This is immature and just gets one nowhere.

    2. Criticizing without giving a solution. If you don’t like how I do something, tell me and tell me how you would solve the problem. This is fine and acceptable. Telling me you don’t like my problem and calling me a bitch, is just elementary.

    3. Disagreeing anonymously. Grow some balls. Face up to your words.

    Mark, there is a bright side, at least no one went as far as to start on the “Yo Momma” stuff 🙂

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