So what else happened today ?

Had a fantastic 2½ hour session at the gym where I rowed further than I had in one session, lifted more and x-trained longer and harder. I even weighed myself – despite weight not being an issue – and found that after the initial loss, I’m putting it back on slightly which is pretty cool. No gym tomorrow but then the weekend I aim to start the bikes on Race setting and increase the row by at least 1000m. (They do an RPM Bike session and I’ve seen the state of some people when they get off their bikes so I need to prepare for such an ordeal !).

And tomorrow it’s April 1.
Absolutely bloody wonderful.
I hope.

2 thoughts on “So what else happened today ?

  1. Music is essential.
    I forgot the music recently, and just couldn’t “zone out” at all. Far too noisy to concentrate.
    Rowing: currently Jem / Mel C
    X-trainer & Treadmill: Trance / Fatboy Slim
    Weights: Anything really though the worse my muscles feel the faster / harder the track 🙂

    But yes, the music is an integral part. They have 8 TV screens and you can listen to them, but again I just can’t concentrate enough.

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