Smoke, fire and css

Noisy in the WP world today …. and I learn yet again that the person speaking the message determines whether or not the message is even read, let alone assimilated. Pfftt – I really should know by now.

Anyway ….. assuming no interruptions, this css has had it’s day. The time for a new style has arrived. Coding the css will be live – I absolutely totally utterly guarantee it will be a mess.
Basics work in FF / Opera / Netscape. An image problem in IE (sur-bloody-prise !).
Back to fiddling.
Miniblog added, image in IE sorted, text size now uniform across browsers.
Todo: overflows. Image for header. Colours !

Anything broken your side ?
That’ll do for now. Some settling in needed.

9 thoughts on “Smoke, fire and css

  1. I like the new header. Not really an issue, per se – more an asthetic thing but your text and stuff hugs to the left a lot – especially next to the text boxes. But anyway, I like it! Must be something with the tri-column thing…everyone I know is going that way. I’m so boring with the lack of sidebarness. 🙂

  2. Looked okay at first glance in both Firefox
    (non upgraded version – did anyone else have problems with the Firefox upgrade?)
    and in IE.

    Mercury is retro.
    It is a time in which we get to examine that which we have done.

    For what it’s worth, I enjoy Cyndy’s one column.

    Father Luke

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