Give me a reference ?

I’m asking a favour 🙂

For a variety of reasons, it is going to be useful to me to have some references from people I have “worked for” (so to speak). What I do not mean is WP help in the forums necessarily, but if I have helped you in any 1:1 way, and particularly if I have had access to your server, then a reference would be very handy indeed.
So (he says in a slightly embarrassed manner), if you could email something – to tamba2 at gmail dot com – I would very much appreciate it.

6 thoughts on “Give me a reference ?

  1. Okay, like there is this guy, Mark, and like, he buggered up his system, and like he locked me out, and like he wuz real cool about it when i mailed him, and like got if fixed. He can fix anything, but he has to bugger it up first so he knows how to fix it. O, and he is like, real cool.

    Helpful??? 🙂
    Good luck with whatever your working on.

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