Windows Shells

Apart from LiteStep (the description and link to which is found over at thebombsite) any others of note worth considering ?
(Note: I said ‘shells’ not ‘alternate OS to Windows’ 🙂 )

Update: Screw LiteStep. 3 installs. 3 crashes, one of which even stopped a Restart, winamp controls that cannot be removed and 10 themes downloaded all of which failed to install. And this is a stable release ?. Wow… I’ll be the one not going near cvs then.

4 thoughts on “Windows Shells

  1. style xp isn’t a shell – and if you are just wanting to skin XP then head to neowin and get the modded DLL – free and NO resource hog!

    Shell wise – geoshell was quite good but not looked in on it for ages (I used to be credit in the splash screen don’t ya know…)

  2. Sorry Mark, I completely missed this one. I stopped using LiteStep a while back though not because I was having problems with it. I just fancied a change so I’m now using CrystalXP with “Tux in his headphones” wallpaper. I have also extended the theme to FF and TB so it is well integrated. There are plenty of choices for wallpaper and icon sets etc. You could see my desktop at Organic Shadows at one point but I don’t think they are showing them any more, at least not in the style I use over there.

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