Return of the labret

Working at abody today, and seeing as my labret had been bereft of metal for over a month, I asked Brian to take a look. I’d removed it due to the flat back of the stud continually embedding into my lip, to the point that it was painful to extricate. I had tried various things – removing the bar for short times, massaging the inside of my lip, wearing a ring but nothing had worked.

Brian had said to take it out, leave it out. So I did. So he had a look and declared that the inside of my lip looked fine, and that the next bit might sting. Thankfully, the passage of the fine taper back through the hole was in the most part event-free, though it did sting (the man don’t lie) and afterwards I felt like I’d been given a light smack in the mouth but I have the metal back. I hope it stays that way.
I was there as they have moved studio – from an upstairs place to a glass-fronted property. It’s a much better place, with the main drawbacks showing themselves within a few hours of opening: a mum bringing young lads in to get their ears pierced and someone else who was wandering between pubs. Increased trade will hopefully make up for such annoyances, and their website will also get more exposure (it runs on their machine in the studio too). The latter might send some work my way (he says while crossing fingers).

(And their studio had 3 wi-fi networks covering it at one point – all secured dammit).

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