Being 6’2″ (1.88m) tall, it’s usually the case that I can survey the horizon regardless of the surroundings. Crowds hold no fears for me – I spy my target and plough straight for it, with the facial metal assisting in people getting out of my way. Back to height. Nipped in one of the local shops, and it’s a long, quite narrow shop. I grabbed what was needed, nipping around people and things in the way and headed for the last aisle to queue. As I went round that last corner, the light quite literally dimmed, and looking directly ahead I could see a guy – part of him. My eyes were on a level with the middle of this guy’s back. Looking directly ahead my eyes did not reach his shoulder blades. He was HUGE, and all of a sudden I felt very very small. It felt very odd indeed as it’s a situation I am in so very rarely.
I mentioned this as today when leaving the showers at the gym, there were two huge guys getting changed and again it made me feel odd. Not bad, not intimidated exactly … would it sound daft to say it made like I was the child ? That probably does sound odd but it’s difficult to explain. I imagine we all have our perceptions of self changed my external events, and this tallness business gets me every time.

3 thoughts on “Relativity

  1. I’m 6’2″ as well, probably a few more inches with heavy boots on so I know where you’re coming from here. My brother is 6’6-7″ but he’s a skinny so-and-so and so would have problems showing a shadow in the middle of a field. So when I do come across someone taller and built like me it does make me stop. I once knew an Italian guy who was huge, we got on like a house on fire but I couldn’t stop looking up at him and saying “So this is what it feels like?”.

    In my travels I’ve also noted that South African fellas are huge mutha… must be the water over there 🙂

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