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Remember a few days ago I had a pop at Google because they were permitting someone to steal my content ? ( Google steals ) and I then followed that up by banning Google from all areas of my site except the WordPress help area ( Removing Google ), well, I read (through Feeddemon) an article on Joi Ito’s blog which also mentions Google. The NYTimes is reporting on the increasing amount of lawsuits which face the big G, with the article focusing on ad revenue.
It IS good that companies are starting to realise that Google (and the others) are blindly taking whatever their bots get their hands on and they are then not caring what they do with what is in effect not even their property. Let’s say you take a picture, add a © to it (not that you need to do that) and put it on your site. If I come along, copy it and place it on my site you can action against me. Yet Google, by it’s very nature gives me access to more pictures and more choice, regardless of the legal status of an image. Go read the Google procedure on what to do if someone steals your content and sticks it on blogger – it is convoluted and designed purely to protect them from the inevitable furore.
I probably sound like I’m whinging, but unless companies hammer through some form of protection, it’s bloggers like us ( and those with some ISP space for a gallery) who will find our images and our work in places we never meant it to be. Most people reading this will be savvy enough about the net, but do people new to this really understand that google can and will copy that image of the family around the world when all they wanted to do was show a distant relative ? Aren’t the search engines at some level guilty of at least not being straight ?
And you just know that Google will decide that some existing tag will be used to demarcate intellectual property don’t you ? They won’t help at all. And yes, I am perfectly aware of the new Yahoo engine – – and as a source of guilt / lawsuit / full copyright free work it’s unreliable.

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  1. In the orgy of self righteous recrimination getting under way – and among the million things I would like to say is this. Peeps get real. Google is a commercial enterprise, it is very hungry, and it is de facto a monopoly. If you get 2 cents out of them and keep your copyright you have done well. Matt ? He must be laughing all the way to the bank. Google bloody invented these practises and encouraged them.

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