3500m and then some

That’s the furthest I’ve rowed at once – and it felt bloody marvellous. In fact the whole gym thing was great today, spent over 90mins there mainly on the cardio stuff as I was enjoying it and the music so damn much so now I’m rolling in endorphins. Damn good stuff I tell you 🙂 I think I’ve got my visits there about right too – skip Monday and Friday but do every day otherwise.

Cleartype. Set my display ( Start > Control panel > Display > Appearance > Effects ) to use this option last night and although it’s improved some text, it’s not helped some other. I think it’s wierd as well because I am so used to the normal (Opaquetype ?) way of things looking. Odd.

Dr Who. Didn’t watch it. I am informed though that there were no Daleks, but there were some “bins”.

Roll on April 1st.

I need to get annoyed – then the post in my head about the USA will come out fully-formed. The situation over there in so many many many ways is so far off being rational.

Did you see me playing with a new theme earlier ? I think I’ll take development of that into my machine.

Tomorrow I go to Borders. I need books, lots of books ! (3 for 2 will do though)

Anyone in #bodyart ?

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