Friends Reunited. A burst bubble ?

Many moons ago, I registered there on my High School page. A couple of moons later after thinking it boring I removed myself. Being a fickle individual who has mood changes more often that he cares for, I registered again some time ago and earlier went for a look around.
What is the point ?
From my leaving year (of 1982 if you are interested) I recognise many names and the odd person has, like me, included their web address in their few words of a description. But aside from that, is there a point ? For instance, there is a girl I would really like to get in touch with (no, she’s not an ex) but even if I were to join FR and pay up the £7:50 there is not the slightest guarantee that her address is correct – changing your FR email contact details just won’t be that high on the list will it ? But then even looking through other pages and details, I can’t see why I could possibly feel compelled to join up – there is no real killer feature that grabs me, and it just seem to be a wierd jumble of ads and … well … junk really. Odd that it took off with such hype. Has more of a census feel really.

3 thoughts on “Friends Reunited. A burst bubble ?

  1. I registered with Friends Reunited about 2 years ago. Don’t think I’ve been back since. It’s nice to go oooh and aaaah about a few names that you recognise, but after that the novelty sort of wore off. 🙂

    And there’s no way I’ll ever pay the £7.50.

  2. I know folks who have rebuilt their whole social lives around FR. A guy I know arranged to meet some friends; boys and girls from thirty years ago . They went to a mid price bistro place – about 10 of them – everyone turned up and they had a blast. It doesnt bear thinking about. 🙂

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