Google steals.

It’s not people that “power Blogger”, it’s Google.
Go look at the permissions page and all the details you must abide by just to use an image of theirs. Yet when the Blogger servers (provided by Google) host code and images that belong to me, Google is not bothered. Indeed, they try to get away from any sort of blame – look at the email below.
They create a service which can be used by anyone for anything, yet absolve themselves of all responsibility. Why can they do this ? Why ?

And my stating that they steal ? Well Google does.
Create an image on your blog, and just watch as Googlebot comes in and copies it to numerous caches around the world. Does it ask ? No. Are you warned of this anywhere ? No. Can you ask that it be removed ? yes, but you have no guarantee of action. Their warning that an image might be subject to copyright ….. isn’t that a bit like taking something from somewhere and fencing it ? “Ask no questions get told no lies ?”

I know what I can do to protect my site – that is NOT the issue.
The issue is that I asked Google to shut down a site which is hosted by them, powered by them, subject to terms and conditions written by them and which is stealing my bandwidth, stealing my content, stealing my code, stealing my copyrighted material and they are refusing to do so, and trying to say that it is MY fault for having a site in the first place. So how is it that I am in the wrong ?

The full text of any letter I recieve about that logo up top will be published here – unless of course they remove the blog which I detailed in my entry the other day. Petty ? possibly, but is my request really so bad ?

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